Dependency Injection

This recipe shows how a Service Worker can act as a dependency injector, avoiding hard wiring dependencies for high level components.



Use Case

As a framework developer, I want to provide production and testing environments, configuring two different injectors to provide the proper mock ups for the components without altering client code.


A service worker can act as the injector. Provide two different injectors one for production and another for testing and let your framework bootstrap code decide which one register, then serve different contents for the same resource according to the mappings inside the injectors.

Start by looking at bootstrap.js to see how a framework could detect which injector should use. The file default-mapping.js contains the specification about how abstract resources are mapped to concrete ones. The production-sw.js and testing-sw.js are the Service Workers acting as injectors. The first simply use default-mapping.js spec without modifications while the latter override utils/dialogs to serve a mockup instead.

Compare the actual and mocked implementation of the dialogs interface in actual-dialogs.js and mock-dialogs.js.


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